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A New Group of Attention Seekers


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44 minutes ago, HoylandOwl said:

For those who haven’t seen this…..IMG_4795.thumb.jpeg.801108134a39eeb2c38c39001ddb5f04.jpeg

That statement is so tin pot.

TBF to them though they do state their understanding that they are unprofessional.

I just can't see the tennis balls gaining traction in any great numbers, if at all.

Whatever happens it won't be as good as the snowballs during the late 70s!!


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The SAG and EFL will have a field day with idiots throwing things onto the pitch. Just the sort of thing they need to get us closed down.  What if someone gets hit and injured?  We'll probably get thrown out of the league all together. Some people have not got the sense they were born with.  


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