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Owlsonline is one of the Owls leading, fully independent, forum fan-sites. We aim to host posts that reflect a wide range of supporter opinion about Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, football in general, sport, life in Sheffield and our collective love of sport.

Owlsonline has no direct connection to Sheffield Wednesday Football Club; it's Owners, Directors, Management or Players and does not seek to represent the club in any way other than to provide a platform to reflect a wide range of Supporter opinion.

Our articles are personal opinion pieces and not designed to be fully factual in all cases.

OWLSONLINE reserves the right to amend all contributions sent to the website to ensure, as much as possible, that we do not place either webmaster, moderators, posters or contributors in any potential position of possible legal action by 3rd parties.

Our message boards are moderated, however we are not able to amend content 24 hours a day  even although we do deploy spotters who are in contact to staff with direct admin access to our message boards.

Owlsonline has provided Message Board facilities to allow visitors to express their comments on a number of different categories.

Please remember that our Message Boards are open to everyone and all messages on this board should be suitable for everyone to read regardless of age, sex, race, religion, or beliefs.

The views expressed on the Owlsonline message boards are strictly personal to the individual poster and Owlsonline does not necessarily subscribe to all or any comments that maybe posted on them. We respectfully request that any requirements for content on the website or posts on our message boards to be amended or deleted are made via email to admin@owlsonline.com where possible and, where appropriate, Owlsonline undertakes to identify defamatory posters for possible legal purposes.

Additionally our contact telephone numbers, and addresses are known by the key board members of SWFC, and although Owlsonline is keen to maintain friendly relationships with key figures at the club, we reserve the right to voice objective criticism and concern, as well as praise, events at the club we all support.

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