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Privacy Policy


Privacy points

We do not sell your email address or personal details we do not use web-bugs or spy-ware. You will not receive spam email or pop-up adverts when using the site, we give you tools and options to maintain your privacy.

Terms of use

We do not guarantee any information provided on the site, we disclaim any liabilities for any information we carry. You are solely responsible for any and all information you upload to the site. By contributing information you are implicitly allowing us to host that information at our domains and hosts for as long as we wish. We also reserve the right to edit or remove any information you upload, edit or remove your user account, for any reason whatsoever, and with no prior notice at our discretion, this is a condition of usage.

Disclaimer for site Message Boards:

The Message Boards, and remark functions, of Owlsonline are not affiliated with or endorsed by the companies they may describe. The opinions expressed on Owlsonline Message Boards reflect solely the opinions of the participants.

Owlsonline cannot effectively monitor all material posted on its Message Boards all of the time and, therefore, makes no representation and warranty with respect thereto. Participants of message boards may or may not actually be ISP customers, or whomever they represent themselves as, and the information they provide may or may not be true.

Our Message Boards are designed to help readers obtain information discuss a wide range of topic matter. This information is provided by other contributors to the main articles on the site, many of who use anonymous screen names and are people we've never met.

We recognize that people sometimes post messages on our Message Boards or make statements that are misleading, deceptive, or downright wrong. They may do this unintentionally and even intentionally, we will, in good faith, respond to any concerns readers may have on posted material and remove it if we uphold any grievance but cannot enter into correspondence over material we do not control.

Please treat the contributors here the same way you would treat anyone you had met for the first time. This is important because anyone can post on our Message Boards: no general membership or proof of identity is required.

You should NOT rely only upon the information or opinions you read on this site. Rather, you should use what you read here as starting points for doing independent research or comment, then judge for yourself the merits of the material that has been shared in our forum.

Owlsonline does not guarantee the veracity, reliability, or completeness of any information provided in our forum or in any hyperlink appearing on our site.

Owlsonline will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in articles or postings, for hyperlinks embedded in messages, or for any results obtained from the use of such information. Owlsonline will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a reader's reliance on information obtained in our area, or in a hyperlinked area. If you don't accept this responsibility for yourself, then you should not use Owlsonline.com.

If you ignore our advice and choose to make decision based on, or take at face value, opinions found in our forum, you have made a conscious, willing, free, and personal decision to do so, there is no liability placed on OWLSONLINE, and we accept non-liability on how you use any information provided on our forums.

Please proceed with caution.

Third Parties

Spam Defense
The IPS Spam Defense Service passes the email address and IP address of the registering member to the service to determine the likelihood a registering account is a spam source.
Invisible reCAPTCHA
This site uses a CAPTCHA to ensure humans are performing certain actions. The CAPTCHA provider may set a session cookie and get information about your internet browser and device accessing this website.
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