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  1. 3 world cup winners as player and manager. Mario Zagallo died 2 days ago. Beckenbauer today. Lump on for the treble with Didier Deschamps.
  2. Great footballer and managet
  3. They're all 8 o'clock kick offs. Not sure what times trains run to, risking a night on stuttgart Station dunt really appeal
  4. At a bit of a tangent, I could buy a new house with the money German hotels are charging. And the airlines have got their snouts in the through too. Good job I've had 26 years to save up for it
  5. Does anyone know who these 1867 chancers are? Any names or is it all anonymous? Wouldn't surprise me at all to find out its a set of pigs shit stirring. Until there's names and faces accountable , why do they think they should be taken seriously?
  6. Preferred new manager by some on here, joey Barton, giving his marching orders at The Gas
  7. Beastie and me will always have Lawrence of Arabia. If you know you know
  8. I'm in lille for the scotland game. French police have raised the terrorist threat to maximum
  9. He says the sort of things a disruptive pig might say
  10. It's gonna be Bullen int it. He was at Hillsborough all day yesterday apparently. And he will be cheap
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