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  1. I think we should encourage Powell to sign an extended contract. IF Danny moves on in the next 18 months, he would be an ideal choice to take over
  2. All this chat about worst manager ever, and no mention of Steve Burtenshaw . The conversation should be all about second worst manager ever
  3. Stranraer 3 East Kilbride 1 after extra time. There was a pitch invasion (or 2) here as well. League status preserved. Europe in 4 years
  4. Yeah, remember that leeds goal. World beater
  5. 11 days in Munich, cologne and stuttgart. A few days at home then back for another 4 games culminating in Super John Mcginn lifting the trophy in Berlin. Back home for a few days then back to Germany for the pre season. Probably better off staying over there for the whole 13 weeks
  6. Ya fucking dancer. I said coming away from Huddersfield we would win 7 away games and finish 5th bottom. Honestly
  7. I feel exactly the same about his diving header v Blackburn 4 months later. RIP
  8. "Only" been in tier 3 for 11 seasons ant we?
  9. Best manager England have had for along time. Long live Gareth
  10. We were top of the league against Southampton first game of the season for about half an hour
  11. Better to have loved and lost than never loved at all
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