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  1. They clearly need Bannan and Palmer in midfield @Andyben
  2. What I wasn't expecting in the mix is my apparent new career as a counsellor based on the last couple of days meetings with clients. I actually had one in tears earlier and it wasn't even me handing him the fee note
  3. That's like asking which STD I prefer
  4. Tbf you were consistent You called me a **** on here and in the office
  5. Totally on board with that idea. Sort of what I was suggesting - just a bit clearer for others to follow. I genuinely think Wednesday could become a leader that others follow
  6. And I guess this is where the Supporters Club concept comes from. You build it when things are heading in a more positive way. And hopefully if it worked well then you never get to the stage of the acrimony between some fans and the owner that we have seen. It will never be perfect, the recent example at Wolves is interesting to follow from afar, that the Club appear to have listened to elements of the complaints. At the same time I am sure most fans see it as trying to get a fair balance so you are competitive on the pitch but also fans are not priced out, replaced with the tourists
  7. Interesting that the Stalk thread seems to have disappeared. Anyway he is bemoaning and citing defeat in the battle against ticket prices with Chansiri. The dichotomy here is that across the EFL the cumulative attendances were the highest since the 50s (cited as the golden period). So football is obviously doing something well and suggests pricing is viewed as reasonable.
  8. Sadly they closed down due to over paying their employees
  9. But then we have trade unions, political parties etc. So you might not agree with everything but you join or vote because broad brush your views align I suppose its whether you think fans groups are there to be confrontational, sadly that is when they are noticed, or it is more a broad church of Sheffield Wednesday fans. So you are a member of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, automatically as a season ticket holder, you can join thereafter on different levels, the sub groups for overseas Owls, special interest groups are part of it. And yes from that there could be a fan group representative on the board, channeling the considerations into the mix, does not have to be agenda driven. I think Andy sort of grasps the concept, it's just re-thinking the thing
  10. I think Man U have finally grasped the issues are more fundamental with the structure of the football side. You can change the top man but the next person will fail if you don't deal with it. Echos of S6 really, Rohl has identified it and until its addressed then we will never progress consistently.
  11. I will agree on your last point, though more what Vaulks does off the pitch should be the norm with players not the exception. The "fuck off" wasn't aimed per se at Vaulks, its just a generic aim when players choose to leave. They are no different to any other employee leaving an organisation. Perhaps I am simply a hard nosed employer, staff come and go, some I like some I never did. But I don't bemoan their lack of loyalty or buy into their displays of it. It always makes me laugh when fans cite it, then you ask what they are up to "oh I moved from Smiths Eng as Jones were paying 50p an hour more"
  12. I mean there is a need for a separate one for each poster on here as we would never all agree on everything or anything
  13. I seemed to recall liking the concept when you mentioned it. Preferring the one linked to the Club / Membership scheme. See any maverick trouble makers could have membership revoked or denied
  14. Remind us what you suggested. I don't think it was that dissimilar to what I had put into the mix a decade ago. I agree my considerations are pretty wishful thinking. Or more I wouldn't start from here to achieve it. Like I say it almost has to be created when things are going well, so it's viewed as collaboration not confrontation. The Supporters Club I envisaged would have stated it was "non political". My emails to Harrowby Owl were quite forthright and indeed predicted it would never work
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