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  1. Because that is the modern way, you are either outraged or you have to be seen to be outraged to tick the relevant virtue signalling box Then you point out the lack of outrage for something similar that does not align with their "politics" You can see people here, being concerned about domestic abuse by men, next minute happily supporting that a male sex offender who now identifies as Brenda should be allowed in a women's prison For the avoidance of doubt men controlling or coercing women either via physical or emotional means is one of my hates in life. I just think sometimes Wednesday don't need any negative press - we generate enough shit as it is. Whether this chap is on the radar or not, you just hope there is a degree of common sense within the football and ownership side of the Club to give this a pass
  2. No but I suspect the same sentiment will be around In the news that Russia is now fuelling migration to the West in order to disrupt democracy ..........
  3. Presume there will be advertising hoardings in parts of Rotherham showing the pic of their new hero George Galloway
  4. Is that common in Germany - almost a form of plea bargaining
  5. Very old fashioned approach, clearly these days you should take one element of information, ignore the rest, make a snap judgement and tell the world how upset / angry / fuming / its all Chansiri's fault
  6. If he landed on his head wouldn't cause any problem thats for sure
  7. The proverbial banana skin game - as long as it doesn't end up with a pineapple
  8. Thing is you can't argue with idiots, they have many more years experience
  9. Don't get me wrong I have no time and zero respect for any bloke that treats his partner in that sort of way. If he had been found guilty in a court then no way should he be recruited until the sentence is served and remorse shown. The hardest aspect is where there is a lot of conjecture, is paying her off in some way evidence more of controlling behaviour on their part. Sadly domestic abuse is under reported and under charged as much through intimidation, fear etc. For me Wednesday get enough bad media coverage on everything, to then open yourself up to more. No player is that good to warrant risking that
  10. What annoys me about that, well a lot really. You can bet if Lee Gregory had scored 8 goals since leaving the gripe would be different The use of the word debacle for scenarios where a player uses us to gain the move he wants 3 striker targets not landed - conjecture Annoys me on a general level, years ago we had players 1 - 11. Then we get squad numbers, now every fucker is an expert on what a 6 player is, an 8, a false 9. The debate about loan duds, well can you imagine if we had signed a loan striker who had banged in 15 goals but there was a recall clause. It's just the general ignorance as to how the transfer market operates
  11. There will be plenty of faux outrage if we sign him.
  12. It was my attempt at humour, I suspect there is some form of bargaining. I suspect this is a case with zero witnesses and unlike the FA, criminal cases don't work on balance of probability - well presumably that is the case in Germany these days
  13. Isn't there still notification time limits or does it basically disappear once March is here
  14. The woman will never make it up in the hope of making a few quid
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