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  1. Struck me as a lovely fella and enjoyed reading his posts. RIP Bricat, you’ll be missed. Fly high fella.
  2. I bloody hope you’re right. This is deffo last chance saloon and even then it’s going to be a huge ask with West Brom and Sunderland to come. The fans have and will do their bit, down to the team to return the favour.
  3. 100% on the money as always with his comments. Booing a 19 year old keeper with a bright future will do us no favours no matter how shite it was. Backing the team will make us play better, it’s that simple. The next two games will decide the season and 7k at Blackburn gives us a huge lift.
  4. All the best to him. Top bloke and 100% Owl.
  5. Windass was dreadful. Musaba was lazy and shirking responsibility.
  6. Brave from Rohl to change it as he did at half time but the screaming change needed was Cadz on for Musaba. Musaba should only be used as an impact sub IMO. Great fight back Wednesday.
  7. Just give everything tonight boys. A win tonight and the belief and momentum will get us through Saturday too. Come on Wednesday!!
  8. I’m not sure what’s serious and what’s tongue in cheek on here. I’m gutted we couldn’t hold out for 3 points yesterday but would I have snatched your hand off to be level on points with 4th bottom with 7 games to go after the drubbing at Huddersfield. Abso bloody lutely
  9. It’s in our own hands now. Friday could be an epic night if we can pull off a victory.
  10. I heard he was pushed over by a former goalkeeper.
  11. Mathematically impossible to get automatic now 😡
  12. This is the game for me today. Turn up and bottle it as we did at Huddersfield and we are down. Turn and and get a very important win and we are in with a fighters chance. I respect Danny sticking to his footballing beliefs regarding playing out from the back, but our keeper and defenders need to be savvy and brave enough to know when they just have to get rid. We must not concede first today!! Come on boys, give yourselves a Hull performance rather than a Huddersfield performance. Take your chances in front of goal rather than rushing or fluffing them. Be confident and take ownership. Come on you blue and white wizards.
  13. Great win. Fuck the rest of the shite surrounding it. 3 points is all we needed tonight.
  14. How Palmer is getting in ahead of Vaulks is mind blowing
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