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  1. I really don't want to be right but that team feels like he's learnt nothing from Ipswich/Leicester/Southampton.
  2. I watched the Millwall game and yeah he did boss it, even in the second half when they tried to cut off the space that he and Grainger were working in, he was still head & shoulders above. Farke has picked extra keepers before rather than did into the U21's and has said he would use him if needed. Definitely one to watch although I think he'll quickly become one that'll be out of our orbit. Thanks for your thoughts though - it's good to have your perspective on it. Greenwood is an interesting shout, Leeds fans had mixed views on him last season but that was the PL, I've not really followed how he's done at Boro beyond missing a penalty last week.
  3. Two young uns at Leeds i'd love us to take a look at, either in Championship or L1. Charlie Crew - 18, bought from Cardiff, has been on their bench a couple of times recently. Welsh under 21 player that England are also pursuing. Very composed & cultured midfielder, always seems to have time on the ball and moves it around beautifully. Already better than our midfielders IMO, if Leeds go up I could see him going out on loan, probably to the Championship, maybe L1 to toughen him up. He's very highly rated there, no way would they sell him in the short term. Rhys Chadwick - Chaplin 17 - more of an attacking MF and a set piece expert & penalty taker. Probably not quite as advanced as Crew, he's in the Under 18's but breaking through into the under 21's. Again though, highly rated & maybe a lower league loan might be the road they go down, but he's a talent too. I'd be interested in Ty's take, especially with the Welsh connection on Crew.
  4. Warnock in at Plymuff would be exactly what we don't need to happen.
  5. The point is though that lots of people just accept it on face value and some relatively well known social media accounts amplify it very vocally.
  6. Not to derail what is an interesting discussion but can anyone answer a question that I've asked the protest group several times without ever getting an answer. They have stated as fact, any times, that there have been firm concrete offers for the club from credible buyers with proof of funds etc and that DC has rejected them/ asked for ludicrous amounts / refused to co operate with them. I've asked them, who? when? what was offered? and the best I've ever had back was "you can't expect us to tell you that". Well to my logic, I can expect it - if they're putting these things out as facts and these bids are dead, then they must have details and these details won't be covered by NDA's etc. Similarly, if a bidder has provided them with this information, then they owe the fans more than to just put it out in the public domain without any sort of context. I've read what DC said about Shaw, and I'm convinced that he was never a credible buyer so does anyone know what the Group are actually alluding to because many people seem to have run with the "DC is intransigent/greedy" line that they've peddled.
  7. Last night at The Underground in Bradford...great venue btw, friendly staff & cheap drinks. 4 x young punk bands, all decent, headliners being Drella, who are from Bradford. Very political. Just a really enjoyable hot and sweaty gig, lots of fun. Not usually my thing but I'd go watch them again for sure. Friday night was the marvellous Erika Nockells who I've seen with Wonder Stuff, supporting Echo & The Bunnymen at O2 Leeds. Again, a great gig, McCulloch's voice struggled at times but when it was good it was very very good and the band were just excellent. Drinks prices were bloody outrageous though.
  8. Third time in a fortnight big Mike's done that - he's on thin ice that lad.
  9. Have you started takeover talks with the 1867 group yet?
  10. Echo and The Bunnymen tonight at 02 Academy Drella at The Underground in Bradford tomorrow night. Resting my ears on Sunday.
  11. Remember though, Wigan got sold so it's easy to find buyers, right?
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