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  1. Whichever factory is churning them out needs to change their brain cell supplier.
  2. I mean who could turn down the chance of setting up a Vaulks-ford United pun. It’s a once in a career opportunity.
  3. Seriously how many fan groups do we need anyway??
  4. I get the point baza is trying to make about maybe not settling for just selling the same as we did last season. That doesn’t mean Chansiri has to go though. Im interested to know if 1867, or at least some of them, have now softened their stance on Chansiri given the undeniable improvements in the last 6 months.
  5. Apparently Danny has asked him ‘why don’t you come on over?’
  6. The only ending to that sentence is ‘the value of clickbait’
  7. If you mean at Wednesday then after 97 I agree with you. For England I thought Walker was shit and didn’t deserve to be ahead at that time.
  8. On Pressman, was noticeable when doing the 30 years ago thread just how well he was playing at that time. I think from about 93-97 he was genuinely a top keeper, hence getting into the England B squad, and I would say a bit unlucky that keepers like Ian Walker got ahead of him.
  9. After his loan spell at Exeter I thought we might be getting an improved version back but, let’s be honest, over the past couple of seasons he hasn’t really kicked on. By no means the worst keeper we’ve ever had but not quite up to it as a first choice at this level and time to move on.
  10. Hi Dundee this is Sampdoria. Our supplier printed some T-shirts in the wrong shade of blue, fancy ‘em?
  11. I’ve been one of their biggest critics but I’ll say fair enough to that. Couldn’t expect them to just say everything was rosy as that’s not their MO but credit for actually coming out with something acknowledging the positives.
  12. Yep, did a not dissimilar job to Danny but didn’t quite pull it off. They’re not happy to be losing him.
  13. Had to laugh at a comment on X from someone who wasn’t impressed with the list : “hard to believe they’re Rohl’s choices”. The implication is pretty clear and will be the flavour of the summer for some of our fans : good signings are down to Rohl, crap signings are Chansiri’s fault.
  14. Spot on. And there also has to be the concept of ‘on field decision’ in marginal cases, including offsides. Quick look, too close to call, stick with the initial decision and move on. Basically VAR is like refs themselves in the sense that the more you notice it, the more it is failing.
  15. We’re staying at a house on the road from Crianlarich to Killin. Hoping to get up Ben More and Stob Binnein.
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