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22-23 season non-Wednesday football tonight/ when Sky dictates


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5 hours ago, Hirstys 12th Pint said:

Decided to dedicate his life to religion and is residing in the same commune as Jeremy Helan.

Also loiters on Owls Talk winding the natives up under the guise of Vulva.

What a fanny name.

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7 hours ago, Reesh said:

You wonder why he gets clipped or used to round town don't you


I remember an incident with him and his pals and me and my pals at the Premier League darts in the mid 2000’s. He tried it on with my mates missus, my mate took offense and threatened him, he hid behind his mates mouthing off as they threatened my mate (running his mouth), and then we all stood up and they all shit their pants. Outnumbered and outgunned. It ended up with him being ‘advised’ that it might be good if he found somewhere else to watch the darts.


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Well, seems Corboran’s new deal at West Brom isn’t inspiring them! 2-0 down at Brum.

Oh and I forgot that Brum’s Stadium capacity had been cut to summat like 19k on safety advice.

Down one side and behind the ‘home goal’ all tarpaulin covered. Looks a right ****

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