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22-23 season non-Wednesday football tonight/ when Sky dictates

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24 minutes ago, Beaconowl said:

Not sure how that can be right, Otto, as I said earlier. It’s a team sport FFS.

Similar to the ‘66 team and George Cohen getting his medal so many years later than others 

In Cohen's case, was that his winner's medal or a state 'gong' like these four?  As far as I know, all the womens squad got winner's medals, presumably a lesson learned from the blokes of '66: the 'squad members' only getting theirs many years later.  

Ref these lasses 'gongs', just to add a little background info for those who don't know who / what the players are, (and without commenting on the awarding):

1. The Captain.

2. The veteran, all-time top goal scorer, who retired after the tournament, (and is now happily pregnant.)

3. The veteran, star fullback who was previously World (or European?) best player and has won most things in her career. Before joining Man City she won the Champions League in France, (3 times?) with Lyons (?), and now plays for Barcelona.

4.  The final choice is last Summer's Golden Girl at the Euros. Player of the tournament, highest goalscorer / assists, SPOTY winner and every little newly football loving girl's hero.  The face of the current marketing effort to reap lasting sporting benefits from the big success story.  (Sadly she's since done her ACL and there's every chance she'll miss 2023's Womens' World Cup finals.)  



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Everton fans readily grasp that the real issue is the mis management of their club for a decade or so. You then must compare to the likes of Brighton who are streets ahead of you.

The quick fix is always chopping the manager of course.

A journey we have been on of course. 

The fact we have a degree of sanity these days off the pitch explains the better performance on it 


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