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  1. On the train from Philadelphia to New York City to catch our flight from JFK to Manchester its been a long time Cities in order of preference Fort Wayne Chicago Boston New York Baltimore Washington
  2. Just arrived in Philadelphia for 3 nights on train from Washington Had a day trip to Baltimore yesterday to see the bust of Frank Zappa and the street named after him - he was born there Went to the opera last night in DC - amazing - Turandot (yes 1990 World Cup and all that) - wasn’t sure wether to post this in the Everybody Rock’N’Roll section
  3. Flew from Chicago to Washington (or DC as the locals call it) yesterday 4 nights here
  4. Arrived in Chicago after 2 fantastic days in Fort Wayne the world famous Coney Island hot dogs and great beer being the highlights there and finding out that Fort Wayne’s very own Philo T Farnsworth was the real inventor of the televsion and watching the Fort Wayne Tin Caps beat the South Bend Cubs 5-1 at the baseball
  5. Overnight train from Boston to Chicago - well getting off at Waterloo, Indiana at 8am (hopefully with time to see the battlefield) for a couple of nights in the legendary Fort Wayne before continuing on to Chicago
  6. Exactly what I texted to my Tottenham supporting mate and, to be fair, he did agree.
  7. Train from New York to Boston for 4 nights yesterday Fort Wayne getting ever closer
  8. When he was sent off at Orient there was a story that he couldn’t get into the dressing room so he kicked the door down After that we used to sing “Kenny kicked the door down”
  9. My Mrs loves the garden centre at Brigg (Lincolnshire)
  10. Me and the Mrs are 3 days into a 21 day visit to the US visiting New York, Boston, Fort Wayne, Chicago, Washington, Baltimore (day trip), Philadelphia and back to New York We don’t normally risk planning a May holiday due to the play-offs but by December I thought we might be safe
  11. Was Bradshaw making his debut at Wrexham when he scored? I remember something about him saying on the team coach “I thought Wrexham played in red” and somebody saying “yes they do” and Bradshaw saying “why are all the fans on the streets wearing blue and white scarfs”
  12. Proper odds for the older generation England 3/1 France 7/2 Germany 11/2 Spain 8/1 Portugal 8/1 Italy 16/1 Netherlands 16/1 Belgium 16/1 Croatia 35/1 Denmark 45/1 Turkey 55/1 Austria 80/1 Switzerland 80/1 Hungary 80/1 Ukraine 100/1 Serbia 100/1 Poland 125/1 Scotland 125/1 Czech Republic 175/1 Romania 250/1 Slovenia 400/1 Slovakia 500/1 Georgia 500/1
  13. 99.99% chance he was VERY VERY bad
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