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22-23 season non-Wednesday football tonight/ when Sky dictates

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These Lg1 scores have a familiar look about them.  Plymouth and Ipswich both 2 up.  I'm desperately hoping Wycombe can do something in our favour.

The only speck of light is good old Fleetwood 2-0 up at Derby, though they look like they've blown autos anyway.  Our boy Joe o.g. there and Dorbeh haven't had a shot on target yet after 73 minutes.

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3 hours ago, Tylluan said:

Rotherham's game abandoned just after half time as ref Oliver Longford didn't fancy getting wet. 

Cardiff have lodged an official complaint as they were 1-0 at the time. 

They had the sprinklers on at half time whilst it was pissing it down 🥴

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5 minutes ago, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

I certainly remember a game v Coventry being abandoned after 25 minutes due to a waterlogged pitch.

And we kicked off 30 minutes after schedule after a similar downpour, wasn't that a night game v Bristol City a while back. 

It happens 

And the rearranged game against Coventry was called off due to fog.


The Bristol game was delayed and was a right match in the end. 2-0 down, 2 sent off, missed penalty and a Lee winner on 90+

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