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Today/Toneyts Footy thread - Non Wednesday


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Derby can only catch Reading though. 

They need to win 3 out of the last 4 remaining games to go level on points, with a far superior goal difference. 

That is if Reading do not collect any more points, if Reading just win 1 point Derby need to then win 3 and draw 1 to go level, with a far superior goal difference. 

If Reading win another 2/3 points, Derby then have to win all 4 games. 

Big ask, not impossible but a Big ask. 

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1 hour ago, MPB said:

Scouse ***** playing really well and pressing.....how sheeeeiiite are City though?   

More or less a full strength Scouse side against City's reserve back line, apart from Stones, and a grandad in the middle of a middle three. I'd even forgotten Nathan Ake was still there. 

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1 minute ago, MPB said:

Luton...!  Fair play

Guy who delivers our stationary is a Luton fan, was worried about this weekends fixtures but come out alright.

Thing is about the Championship money massively helps for the relegated clubs, but if you get a decent manager - Jones somehow fits there where he didn't elsewhere - find good players and decent loans you can be reasonably successful. It seems the better option than throwing big bucks at players who don't seem to give a shit 

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