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2022/23 Wednesday transfer thread...

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58 minutes ago, Neville Facking Bartos said:

Based on what I've seen of him, my opinion 

For Northampton or Scunny 


Cos there's no way you're basing that on his Brentford or Pigs stints, he's started less than a dingle handful in the league in 2 years

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Pleased for Brennan. If he can deal with the physical side he could be a really handy defender who is comfy on the ball. 

It’s been a slow week given what came before. Must be waiting for one or two where we may not be first option or clubs wanting to hold on for a bit. Wouldn’t be surprised if some of derbies “agreed in principle” players are on our radar and waiting to see how that goes. Barkhuizen was mentioned on here I think.

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1 hour ago, Andyben said:

Mendez-Laing to dirbeh 

Well he insinuated he was worth more than we offered, now he's signed for a club who are under restrictions,if that limits what they can pay we must have offered a real take it or leave it or derbys paying him in Charlie.

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6 minutes ago, HoylandOwl said:

Wednesday sign youngster after he leaves Blackburn 


They're a bit behind. He signed for us on June 23rd and it was announced on the club website a day later. 

Really good attacking midfield prospect who played a couple of 23s games for us at the back end of last season and scored a cracking goal against Millwall. The ability is there but there were previous questions over his aptitude and attitude. If we iron those out then we could have a decent player on our hands

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