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  1. He seemed to think it was a permanent/paid transfer also. But generally vague
  2. Serbia were awkward as we have seen with others like Ukraine in the past and the USA in a World Cup. England have the tendency to start well in opening games and then for whatever reason just lose the plot. Same thing happened tonight but I think only Spain and England have kept clean sheets. Main bugbear was the really sloppy passing as if we’d been a bit calmer we’d have been 2/3 up by half time and a totally different feeling after the win.
  3. Yeah that one looked like we had blue bibs on at the back.
  4. Like the Hummel shirts. If we go pinstripes it’ll pretty much just look like a white shirt from distance
  5. Seems another agent type plug as it doesn’t suggest it’s a concluded situation. he’s away getting married currently isn’t he
  6. He might have come on a fair bit from his FGR season but at that point he looked a good player albeit not the most energetic and intense, more Mcgugan paced. Didn’t think Rohl would like that. Having said that sometimes the eye can deceive and perhaps the data is different to the perception I had.
  7. Yep, he’ll be 33 when he ends that contract though
  8. Could be talking about his career from here onward to be fair
  9. Seems to play a solid 25-30 games a season 😅
  10. Sounds about right. Don’t think we could compete with that.
  11. I bet they’d double the price for us compared to others
  12. I like the sound of this one given his potential early in his career and he’s had a couple of seasons now. Maybe he’s more comfortable on the ball and that’s a factor. It will be interesting to see what is reported about the transfer fee (although that’s usually guess work)
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