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Managerial Merry Go Round 22/23

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5 minutes ago, Tylluan said:

They did well at Lincoln because they were given time. A rare commodity in management these days. 

They'd do ok at somewhere like Rotherham where the chairman would let them build. 

They had 1 win in 14 with a sizeable lay out for players...sometimes you have to cut your losses.

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2 hours ago, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

Basically they are not as good as they think they are

That can apply to the Cowleys and Portsmouth

At one stage we probably would have had them at S6 but their bubble has certainly burst 

I’ll stick up for them. They’re much better coaches/managers than I think people give them credit for. 
Yeah the sideline ‘antics’ can aggrieve many, and I get that, but it’s a bit like not having then having David Stockdale in your net.

Yeah, Pompey hasn’t worked and, well, I’d rather us do well than them. So, that’s that but they’ll be back in either league 1/2 soon enough and make a go of it. 

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