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  1. Joe Wildsmith released at Derby after an impressive season with them. Would he be prepared to come back as no. 2 if Dawson doesn't re-sign?
  2. Fully converted from the dark side now, and his son!
  3. Of course the daily mail have run with the story. They seem to have it in for us and this prick has played right into their hands. Sometimes I wish I didn't support Wednesday, and it's not because of what happens on the pitch.
  4. If Blackburn don't take points off us, I can't see them getting more than 3/4 points from their last 9 games.
  5. Here His English is very impressive considering he says he couldn't speak it at all when he arrived.
  6. Sterk are starting with a 19 year-old in goal due to illness and injury to their other keepers. Would've loved to see Pato making him 'feel welcome', but hopefully there are plenty of others that can put pressure on him.
  7. Whilst we're on stats, the last 18 year-old to score for Wednesday was... Ross Barkley, 22nd Sept. 2012 in a 2-1 home defeat to Bolton. Bailey Cadamarteri is the 12th youngest ever to score for us (according to Transfermarkt)
  8. Preparing Charles to take over the no 2 spot in January when Vasquez goes back?
  9. An interesting take on things I think that puts it in perspective.
  10. Out till New Year, I've just read! Hopefully it will give someone, e.g. Cadamarteri, Gassama, Phuthi, the chance to show what they can do.
  11. Really sad news this. I met Beastie a few times in the early 'Rivals' days and thought he was a decent bloke. Of course he and Holly are plastered all over the place in photos of fans celebrating at Hillsborough, so it almost feels like we've kept in touch, even though I don't really know him. Saw him after the PO final at Wembley and had a quick chat. I thought he looked a bit unwell/thin at the time, now I know why. If you're reading Steve, All the best mate, enjoy whatever time you have left.
  12. Approx. £116k according to reports in Denmark.
  13. Looks like he might be the new English coach to join us. According to this
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