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  1. Not sure who these enforcers are but looks like they’ve just beaten a signed confession out of him
  2. @TWFootball1867 has a thread on Twitter. Detailed analysis as always. Unless the answer you were looking for was “reet good” or “shite”?
  3. Apparently Danny doing his bit to keep Windass.
  4. The old owl makes a come back on his hoodie? Unless he’s had it in a drawer since 1986.
  5. As a kid, I was “given” one of the yellow Bukta tops. It had long sleeves and a small blue number 11 on the front -was told it was Gary Shelton’s training top. Not sure where it came from… or where it is now unfortunately.
  6. Same people panicking that DR doing a bit of half-time Euro punditry is going to put him in the shop window for every premier league chairman. ‘cause that’s how it works.
  7. Only one of our goalkeepers from the last 10 years has a World Cup winners medal.
  8. DB got social media excited this morning when he posted a video of him in the gym… wearing his SWFC training kit. I mean, if he wasn’t re-signing, surely he could have had a trip down to Sports Direct, couldn’t he?
  9. With a queue forming for the managers from the promoted teams AND the relegated teams (pretty much all of them except Wilder), it seems likely that if DR starts the season with us (which I think he will), and has any degree of success, he’ll be a man (even more) in demand next summer. His legacy may be that he was the man that used his muscle to push through a modern structure at the club, that means when he does leave there is some continuity and we don’t crash and burn.
  10. Remember DR expressing his amazement earlier in the season that we had so many contracts ending at the same time. If you want to change that cycle, you’ve got to retain a core squad whilst adding to it. I think we’ve just got used to the out with the old… in with the new approach every summer, so now a bit of continuity seems strange! DR’s January window showed him bringing in players to start, not fill squad places, so I’m expecting the same this summer. There’s no misplaced loyalty to anyone and DRs already shown he’s happy to bench or leave out some of the old guard.
  11. Pitch invasions have become standard this year. Won the league? Have a pitch invasion. Finished 2nd? Have a pitch invasion. Play-offs? Have a pitch invasion. Assuming the EFL are firing out “failure to control fans” fines to all clubs. It would be unfair if it was just us, wouldn’t it?
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