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  1. Alex Miller has now retracted his article - now saying he got it wrong and Dish’s 2 yellows don’t add to his tally.
  2. Just read - only 12 Championship managers been in post longer than Danny Röhl.
  3. One of the few times we’ve been in a position to apply game management away from home.
  4. Starting to look like a bottom 7, rather than 4. With another 3 teams who could get reigned in.
  5. DR ma DR made this point when talking about his meetings with Poveda pre-transfer. Said he could see it in his eyes that he wanted to be here, and that not all players want to join a team at the bottom of the league Both Macguire and Biereth said, after turning us down, that they would get more chances to score with teams higher up the table. Catch 22 - we need quality, but quality might not need us.
  6. January transfer window paying off - solid performances from Ugbo, Poveda and Beadle.
  7. Not sure if this should be in the Wednesday or non-Wednesday transfer thread - but an account of the Duncan McGuire dealings… why we lost out, (and why it looks like so will Blackburn).
  8. Maybe it’s an either/or? If Duncan is lured by the bright lights of Blackburn… we’ve got a backup plan.
  9. Curse of the FA cup. Last year it was the barcodes trying to get the ground closed for being unsafe. Now we have a new pantomime dragging our name in the mud. Can we opt out next year?
  10. The report said he was linked with us, Rovrum and Uddersfield. There’s every chance only one of those clubs is actually interested and they’re trying to generate a bit of urgency. “Do the deal now - or lose him to a relegation rival”. From the posts above - I hope it’s not us.
  11. Derby are offering a “significant contribution” whilst we have “excessive demands”. Interesting choice of words for a striker with 40 L1 goals in the last 2 seasons and 18 months on his contract.
  12. According to the excellent TW Football on twitter - Ugbo played with Musaba in Belgium, and scored goals in a team that used fast-paced wingers to supply the striker(s).
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