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  1. One of the last things I saw on there before getting banned was the goon who runs it claiming Darren Moore is the best manager in the clubs history just to try and prove he hasn't got a waycist bone in his body. 🙄 Pitiful.
  2. Not a music gig bit saw Frank Skinner at the City Hall last night, he might stoop a little more now he's 67 but he's still very funny and was on good form, SWFC got a mention.
  3. I'm pretty sure they'll release some for the lower west if theyre sold out this early.
  4. I keep reading that we have 18 players out of contract in the summer, does anyone have a list of who they are?
  5. After what tragically happened to his brother you can't blame him, nice family, best wishes to the lad.
  6. Went to the Octagon last night for the triple header: First up Stereo MC's - Remember buying their debut album on tape back in the day, still sound good and certainly got the crowd moving. Next, Inspiral Carpets - last say these as the same venue in 1990, Tom Hingley has gone and the hairs turned very grey but they did an enjoyable set. Last, Happy Mondays - I've never been too bothered about seeing them before as their live reputation wasn't great, they were certainly ramshackle to say the least but Shaun and Bez were very entertaining and Roweta somehow holds the whole thing together.
  7. I expected a reaction this weekend after the Ipswich debacle, I didn't expect that reaction to be two of the worst performances of the season at a time when we needed the players to dig in, I truly think we're doomed to L1.
  8. Never seen that before, fantastic.
  9. Robert Plant/Saving Grace at the City Hall tonight, being a Led Zepp fan I had to the rock god himself in action, he's put together a fantastic band and his co singer Suzy Dian has echoes of Sandy Denny, the sound was amazing as the band played a series of ancient songs with some Zepp tracks in the mix, despite being 75 now Plant sounds great, very enjoyable show.
  10. Went to see Jesus & Mary Chain at Albert Hall, Manchester last night, great venue and the band were superb, mixed a few later/new songs in the first half but really hit the ground running with and after Some Candy Talking, brilliant stuff. The venue is next to a branch of the popular pub chain Albert Schloss so you had a queue of black clad, grey haired people in one row and very scantily clad girls in another. 😂
  11. Haha yes I remember that comment, brilliant he's much more humourous on stage than you'd imagine, when he sidled on stage air guitaring the riff to Hold On To Yourself I knew it was going to be a great gig and it was.
  12. On my bucket list that too, let us know how it goes.
  13. Quite fancy this one, saw him at Primavera in Barcelona a couple of years ago and before that in 2008 at the O2 Academy in Sheffield surprisingly. Brilliant live performer.
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