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  1. Just had my 2 weeks of gigs. 1st was the Killers at CoOp live in Manchester. Backed up by Travis who were superb, the Killers were fantastic. Brandon Flowers is such a presence on stage. A real mix of old and new. The venue is awesome. 35k indoors wow! We were quite close to the stage which added to the experience. A nod to Bowie as one of the ticker tape cannons fired out a load of Ziggy Stardust lightening tickers. The following Sunday, Sting at Sherwood Forest. Incredible at 73! He played all the old hits and his voice has held out much better than others his age *must be all that tantric stuff. The next Saturday Pink at Hampden Park. We has gold circle tickets so about 12 feet fron the stage. The whole show was fantastic. The Script backed her who were very good. Dannys a right showman. Pink was fantastic her whole stages how is incredible. How she does the acrobatics and doesn't drop a note is awesome.
  2. First full sized apache chilli today. The crop is looking good. My scotch bonnet is just showing flowers! ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ
  3. Pathetic. One of the worst England performances I've seen. And there's lots of pathetic ones to choose from
  4. ๐Ÿ‘ I'll be there in 2 weeks. Will report back
  5. When you told her, did she have an uncertain smile?
  6. Got 3 gigs in 10 days next month. Killers at Manc, then Sting at Sherwood Forest then Pink at Hampden.
  7. Going there to see the Killers next month. Glad it's nearly finished!
  8. Sowed this years crop today. Into the propagator and south facing window sill in the spare room.
  9. Just back from long weekend in Yorkshire Dale's. We stayed at Countersett Hall near Bainbridge and did 3 walks in the Dale's. The first was around Countersett. Mansett and Semer Water. 9.5k beautiful scenery. The next day we went to Aysgarth and walked along the River Ure, past Aysgarth Falls and over to West Burton falls (what a beautiful village) and back to the Aysgarth falls hotel 11k and Sunday dinner at the pub, beef pork and all trimmings. Yum yum. Then on day 3 we started and Finished at the Hawes Creamery home of Wensleydale Cheese (Grommit). We went up to Hardraw force and back round by the River Ure to Hawes. An excellent weekend with lots of beer wine and great food!
  10. I've started to write in this thread, then deleted so many times. When Cal and I first started to go to Hillsborough as dad and lsd, we had just moved from Brizzle to Epworth and I found Owls Alive and Owlsonline. At a certain age Cal wanted to go onto the top away from the South. So I asked where people go and Tee, Beastie and Hollie asked us to join them at the rromt of the Kop with Kizza, Liam Mark and others. Even when I was working away Tee would pick up Cal at Meadowhell and along with Beastie and Hollie they would look after him even when we made the player award to Matk Beevers. We had a real Comradery going for a few seasons with Beastie an ever-present. On my own on the way to Wembley in 2016 I ended up in a seat across from Beastie and Hollie and I imbibed in the famous "Special Oasis". Excellent stuff. We had many discussions about gigs we'd been to and the good old Butlins punk weekenders and Stone Valley festivals with Stranglers and Boomtown Rats headlining. A proper gent. I really hoped he'd fight and win. I lost my brother in a similar way. He was called Steve and was a fireman who passed in 1998. Cancers a bastard. Too many too young ๐Ÿ˜ช RIP Beastie, join the blue watch up there with my bro!
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