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  1. Reckon be Iorfa at RB in a 4 -2-3-1 I shouldn't be, but I'm actually confident 🤫
  2. The players clearly are not good enough. But I've see enough already that we need to keep faith with the manager if (when) we go down .
  3. It's plain 2 see we are so much better than before. But if you haven't got the tools...
  4. If there was a manager called Darren Moore with these players he'd fail
  5. Christ did that p*** me off that night. Call me small minded, don't care, but not forgiving him ever 4 that regardless if he is on our coaching staff or not. Bet he couldn't do it now....
  6. Thanks 4 that. Tbh a lot I didn't know re his background. To me he's a very different player to Cadamarteri but yes he might have a similar effect although Barry has more experience and he looks thetype of player we haven't got. I'd definitely take a chance with a loan for 6 months
  7. Yes must admit just heard about him. First time seen him live. Definitely potential there to go higher
  8. @Tylluan You need to get your contacts at Wednesday onto a lad at Stockport. Louie Barry. Only on loan there from Villa, this lad is going places. I reckon Villa will loan him out to maybe a championship club. Only 20 but lookslike he's got the lot. Like a quick Fernando
  9. Well I think that could be a fantastic appointment. Let's hope all the DC haters appreciate the Chairman efforts in getting a bloke with this background.
  10. I remember him. Decent in midfield gor us I thought. All the very best 2 him
  11. I think we could play s 3 in there when Diaby is fit as I think he gives us the legs in there we desperately need
  12. True. What I really meant was Smith isn't a "runner" as in ball played ahead of him. I wouldn't want Wilks in front 2. His asset is coming in off flank onto his left and using thst bit of pace. Don't want him with back 2 goal. Could work in front 3 with Smith in middle, Windass on other flank. Not sure our midfield could cope with that though!!
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