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Been to a very intimate gig (maybe 35 or so capacity) at Read bookshop in Holmfirth today.

The Bookshop Band - a husband and wife duo whose songs are all based on books.

If folk/acoustic is your thing check them out.

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Just had my 2 weeks of gigs. 1st was the Killers at CoOp live in Manchester. Backed up by Travis who were superb, the Killers were fantastic. Brandon Flowers is such a presence on stage. A real mix of old and new. The venue is awesome. 35k indoors wow! We were quite close to the stage which added to the experience. A nod to Bowie as one of the ticker tape cannons fired out a load of Ziggy Stardust lightening tickers.


The following Sunday, Sting at Sherwood Forest. Incredible at 73! He played all the old hits and his voice has held out much better than others his age *must be all that tantric stuff. 


The next Saturday Pink at Hampden Park. We has gold circle tickets so about 12 feet fron the stage. The whole show was fantastic. The Script backed her who were very good. Dannys a right showman. Pink was fantastic her whole stages how is incredible. How she does the acrobatics and doesn't drop a note is awesome.











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Travis headlined Sunday at Bingley Weekender last Summer.  I thought they'd be a bit "vanilla" but they were brilliant, just what was needed.  On the back of that we've booked tickets to go and see them in Leeds in December. 

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If Dave Grohl is correct then the Taylor Swifts and potentially Pinks of this world may not necessarily cough splutter sing live 

Tbh the audiences are going to be there for the overall spectacle so probably don't care 

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