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Who is your Mr SWFC

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Having lived through his tenure and know some of what really went on I cannot support Reesh's old fans sentiment. Our chairman at the time, Dr Andrew Stephen would fit the bill from my past. He wrote prescriptions out on Reserve Team programmes when he made house calls. Player wise it would have to be Redfern Froggat from that era.

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Howard Wilkinson probably 

After that it’s going to be a selection of long serving players (of recent times)

Gary Megson

Kevin Pressman

Barry Bannan 


I dont think there is anyone really like Trevor Brooking for WHU.

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3 minutes ago, Paul from Wisewood said:

For what reason?

reading out pointless texts on ifollow?

Having an amazing start to his Owls career a very long time ago. Being Wednesday daft ever since. Hosting loads of stuff at the ground.  Being able to hear him when we score, without a radio. 

Who've you got in mind. 

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I would go with Zico or Wilko. Just because they are massive Wednesdayites and have had great success with the club.

You could put Hirsty in there given the length of service. But I wouldn’t put anyone else from that era in there.

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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, Paul from Wisewood said:

Best shout yet.. Wednesdayite, came through the ranks, scored goal to get us promoted, long serving, won England cap whilst here

suspect if it was voted on now, would be a close run thing between plamer and bannan 

Mel is an absolute gentleman too. A credit to the club IMO.

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On 08/06/2023 at 17:14, Reesh said:

Eric Taylor for the older ones I'd say


Any **** saying Palmer, Bannan or Pressman gets a ban

The one and only Lee Bullen surely 🤣🤣

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6 minutes ago, Andyben said:

In modern times, there's less than a handful of players who'd qualify and Liam Palmer is one.

Wilko gets in as he's done the lot. 

Gary Megson too

Good shout that.

I’ll go David blunket.

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