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  1. And there was him hoping for a pearl necklace.
  2. Well let's hope it doesn't happen and they crawl back under whatever God forsaken rocks they crawled out of in the first place. One of them being "Philly".
  3. RIP Spider. Some of the best games I ever went to involved him.
  4. Rest in peace Bri πŸ™
  5. I agree with him on that point. Also, he's giving the mouthy cΓ—Γ—Γ— Neville a run for his money on Twitter. Quite entertaining
  6. Sounds like a challenge. But I'll leave it to Holmesfield_owl as he's on a roll. ...just include the word "Pikey" please πŸ™
  7. I like the new Town tracksuit 🀣
  8. He's unwell apparently... ...yes, I know it's about 4 days late (as is Mr Barnard)
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