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  1. Hows he got to hoyland from chap if he's on his way to training. I know ff always paid for the shopping of the person in front of him in asda. Great bloke
  2. https://x.com/talkbees_/status/1794805648104013842?s=48&t=pjJcE3ZdecilOGurParrMw
  3. Ha ha,We should have played you on the 27th. Our young un plays for Scholes and harley. See you at stocky later on in season pal
  4. I hope all the l**ds gwots (see what I did there Winco😁) that have managed to get tickets in the Southampton end get there arses handed to them. Better still they dont get owt to be excited about.
  5. Great news mate, had a similar situation 4 years ago. Horrible time. All the best to you all
  6. Been offered a pro contract. Well deserved.
  7. He's not allowed in sweet shops round us anymore
  8. Nowt surprises me mate even in central mids/ NE countries level. Parkgate have a kindergarten firm. When I played at Heanor early 2000s. I slid in at back post to make it 2-2 in last minute, got gobbed on and swung at from 5 or 6 big lads. Never said a dickie or really celebrated. (Bottled it). I had to be escorted of the pitch by the ref, lino's and most of our players. Tbh I did get home very early that night. Is it legal to drive in football boots. Baring that in mind, I'm off to Sunderland with winco and our young un. Maybe it's groundhog day 20 years later.
  9. Played at both a few times. Heanor fans are vile.
  10. I mentioned him on here some years ago. It's my mates lad. Nice young man as well.
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