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The World Cup thread….


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Morocco who won their group Vs Spain who didn't?

The host nation usually over performs, but Qatar were never going to and given the way the Arab peninsula/Muslim world works, teams from that region/an islamic nation we're always going to be well supported and had an increased chance of over performing. 

Also Spain aren't one of the big boys anymore (I'd question whether they ever really have been other than for a brief period) so Robson Kanus point is a valid one imo 

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20 minutes ago, HoylandOwl said:

Well well well.

I thought if Croatia levelled in extra time they’d win on pens.
If we win tomorrow now, best chance in a long time we’ve had to win the lot.

Whoever wins tomorrow has to be favourite to take the whole thing. 

Still think the Dutch could be the dark horses though 

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4 minutes ago, Otto_Man said:

No idea what the Dutch did there, game was theirs then they bottled it in extra time.

Shades of 1990 with that Argentina side. Lost the first game completely unexpectedly, fairly average team barring the world's best player and a keeper great at saving penalties...

They blew it by reverting back to the game plan that saw them losing 2-0, why o why Netherlands didn't just carry on wacking the ball into the box that got them level, I'll never know, the Argies just couldn't handle them.

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