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The World Cup thread….


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17 minutes ago, KrolMong said:

If he’s playing two sitting midfield players and telling the full backs to play as wingers and give total freedom to the front four, no issues. But… it will be a back 6.

Southgate's shitting himself over Wales 🤣🤣🤣

This game will be like the Scotland game in the last Euros. Game management in order to qualify 

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5 minutes ago, HoylandOwl said:


Alex Scott said, ‘it’s important for him (Kyle Walker) to use his pace and his attackingness’


I’m all for people being included in commentary/punditry if they use actual words. Not making it up as they go along 

I read the 'Back Story' of that Nadia Nadim that was on the ITV 'bench' earlier.  As well as having a fine football career - over 100 Danish caps and 38 goals - she not only recently qualified as a doctor but apparently speaks 11 (eleven!) languages. A bit of a contrast!   

It's amazing how random life can be.  The family apparently fled Afghanistan when she was 8 after the Taliban killed her father.  They paid to come here, where they had family: they got dumped in Denmark instead, for unknown reasons.  There just happened to be a girls and boys football training club set-up right next to the fence of their Danish refugee camp where she saw football being played for the first time.  She started to kick a ball about with her sisters.  After a long professional top level football career she's now a U.N. 'Ambassador', helping inspire kids in refugee camps around the world to aspire to learn and better themselves.  Quite an example.

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