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The World Cup thread….

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1 hour ago, KrolMong said:

If I’m picking a joint 11, I’m going…


Walker, Varane, Stones, Shaw

Rice, Bellingham

Foden, Griezemann, Mbappe


You saw the blueprint yesterday from a very poor Poland team. The four that played in front of Krychowiak had a lot of joy and had a lot of ball, but more critically, they kept getting behind the two full backs on multiple occasions with ease. So, if they can do that, what will the likes of Bellingham, Foden and Saka do, especially with Shaw backing Foden up.

Griezemann is playing in an area of the pitch against a very mobile Rice and as has been said, Giroud is the type of player that Maguire loves. The key is going to be about the full backs stopping Mbappe and Dembele. But… I think our defensive unit have more chance of stopping their front four, than they have of stopping ours. Foden and Bellingham should absolutely destroy Tchouaméni, Rabiot and Kounde.


A mobile Rice? Crikey. He was a lot better last game but he's a CH playing midfield. 

Our defence will get ripped a new one if not careful.

Love Gareth

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19 hours ago, Tylluan said:

I think a lot of Bellingham's approach is down to how Bundesliga clubs manage their kids. There's a 'duty of care' in place with all u21s. Their wages are kept 'on hold'. The accommodation, bills, etc are all paid for by the club and the players get an allowance. If they want to spend big then it has to be ratified. They're initially given club cars, sometimes second hand, and all this is designed to keep their mind on the football and have no distractions. They also have media training and classes on how their actions can enhance or undermined club and league values

Should do that here instead of giving kids ridiculous wages so they can prance around in top of the range Mercedes.

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5 hours ago, owl4ever1867 said:

Should do that here instead of giving kids ridiculous wages so they can prance around in top of the range Mercedes.

First thing Sancho did on his arrival in Manchester was order three Range Rovers because he couldn't make his mind on on the colour. 

Not exactly killing it at Old Trafford is he

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Spain were shite as good as their passing and movement is they create fuck all. There a young team but the tikka takka football nether like to play is nowhere good enough anymore not like the xavi/ineista fucking freeky passing was.
I can see us beating France.

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No group runner-up led at any point during 90 minutes or extra time of any last 16 match.

The aggregate goals scored in the 8 matches was Group winners 22-6 Runners-up.

The only second placed country to progress to the quarter finals was Croatia, who showed Japan how to take penalties. Not that it really matters, as the Croats will be first to go from the last 8 when Brazil get their hands on them on Friday afternoon!

Bizarre quote from Hal Robson-Kanu yesterday afternoon - "it's starting to really feel like a World Cup now. The big boys in the competition are beginning to turn up". This was immediately following Spain's exit to Morocco 🤦‍♂️

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Morocco who won their group Vs Spain who didn't?

The host nation usually over performs, but Qatar were never going to and given the way the Arab peninsula/Muslim world works, teams from that region/an islamic nation we're always going to be well supported and had an increased chance of over performing. 

Also Spain aren't one of the big boys anymore (I'd question whether they ever really have been other than for a brief period) so Robson Kanus point is a valid one imo 

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20 minutes ago, HoylandOwl said:

Well well well.

I thought if Croatia levelled in extra time they’d win on pens.
If we win tomorrow now, best chance in a long time we’ve had to win the lot.

Whoever wins tomorrow has to be favourite to take the whole thing. 

Still think the Dutch could be the dark horses though 

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