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The League One game

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We're back!

This is just a teaser for next season to gauge interest

Anyway, for anyone who isn't aware, this is a prediction game where each week there will be a list of 26 scenarios from A-Z scored based on the likelihood of them occurring. You may choose any 6 of them, with the aim of getting the highest possible score.


Deadline 12pm Saturday

LG 1.png

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32 minutes ago, TarnOwl said:

Looks reight good..... thanks for sorting pal

I'm gonna go : A, B, G, J, G, L



22 minutes ago, Walkley said:

You can't have 7 picks mate. 


18 minutes ago, TarnOwl said:

Sorry mate, read it as 6 plus the score. 😶

Knock the score off pal

But you’ve got G twice. So now you only have five unique picks.


Unless you can “double up” on a pick?

  • Haha 1
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Just to clarify you make 6 selections from the 26 scenarios above. 


If you pick Z and you get the score and result right it is 30 points. 

Good luck. Please edit your original posts if you've made an error, will make it easier for me when collating the entries. Ta

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