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  1. Very decent player on the pitch, off it he was immense for local causes and a cracking ambassador for our club, did he have to do that, I very much doubt it, total respect to him from me!
  2. I seem to recall DC saying something along the lines that Xisco was ‘the best that was available at the time’ during the press conference when he was appointed. I thought then that it seemed an odd comment in the context of the questioning. Maybe that was reference to DR not being readily available at that time.?
  3. Hopefully three points better off than today! 🙂
  4. Not that it makes a massive difference now however, my first impressions for the first goal was that Iorfa was pinned down by one of their players hence why they had a free header.
  5. Probably no opinion on Rohl, but no doubt scored more WC goals than our new, alleged assistant!
  6. Pretty sure that Rohl is pronounced as Rowl, surely that's a sign! 😂
  7. Decent read that. I used to see him playing 5-a-side at Gosforth park, in Newcastle, when I played there on a Wednesday night.
  8. Not sure if anyone has watched this however, I thought it was pretty decent and a little surprised that certain points were actually aired. I appreciate that we are in a totally different position i.e. promoted from league one rather than relegated from the Prem but thought that there are quite a few similarities to the changes that we are currently going through, hopefully we have a similar outcome!
  9. Fastest man at Hillsborough, he used to get such a cheer when he sprinted on, class. RIP Alan.
  10. Remember being in a London boozer full of Wednesday, think we were playing Spurs and he came in, everyone started singing Tricky’s shagging Kathy, funny as f@ck!
  11. Can he drop McGuinness off at Hillsborough on his way!
  12. Me too, thought he did ok. Pato was also very good and Shipston looked assured again, all positives for the last few games.
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