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Non Wednesday idols you had as a kid

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This bloke was mine, I just about remember the 86 World Cup for various reasons but Euro 88s and how he decimated England remains etched in my mind.

Like proper Ronaldo and an Arsenal assault free Hirsty his career could have been the stuff of legend but for injury.



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8 minutes ago, holmesfield_owl said:

Some player that bloke.

I always followed goalkeepers but aside from any Wednesday number one being my idol as a kid (aside from Pav who I hated) can't think of one who stands out


80s keepers, slim pickings 

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Keegan and Toshack - they were the first striking partnership that I was aware of. I don’t really know why but the concept of players working as a pair fascinated the young Cheat.

Jimmy Johnstone, I loved a tricky winger. Was proper gutted when he signed for the pigs late in his career.

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8 minutes ago, LiamOwl said:

Thierry Henry for me, absolutely loved how easy he made the game look. Everybody knew what he was going to do and nobody could stop him doing it. 

Loved watching that Man United team late 90’s/early 00’s too. 

Henry was sublime.

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Just now, holmesfield_owl said:

Loved watching Dennis Bergkamp, superb player

Three goals that stick with me.


Leicester at Filbert St, first touch and then goal which he repeated at the WC v Argies.

And obviously the Pirouette at Newcastle 

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Alessandro Del Piero

I used to love watching Football Italia as a youngster and just remember when Del Piero burst onto the scene with Marcelo Lippi's Juventus. He was a class apart from any other footballer I watched growing up. 

The Juventus team from 1995 to 1998 in particular were a must watch whenever they were playing on Football Italia. 

It wasn't a surprise that when Del Piero picked up a really nasty injury in the 1998/99 season, Juventus' season was a disaster. 

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46 minutes ago, Skamp said:

Gordon Banks

George Best

And I have no logical reason for this at all but I always liked to see how David Hay had played.

Everyone watched the young George Best with awe. He really was the nation's favourite as a young player, an absolute footballing genius, In the days before he became the over-intrusive media's first victim, when he couldn't handle the pressure and went 'off the rails'.  What a loss he was at what, 25?  So many comebacks at ever more lowly clubs awaited.  And the booze eventually won. But the days before all that were glorious, when Match of the Day really seemed to be The George Best Show.  Btw, if he'd have been born English, England would have won a lot more than they did.  Genius.

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7 minutes ago, Neville Facking Bartos said:

In the same vein I thought David White was very underrated at Man City

Hated his career after that but didn’t end up doing much anyway after that thankfully 

Tainted and bummed

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