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  1. Was about to post the same. Think you could say the same about most home atmospheres though unless its a big game. When I used to go away every week can't recall many home atmospheres that were amazing
  2. I've renewed, but think STs will be down on the last time in L1.
  3. He should be on the bench every week as an impact sub
  4. I'm not. Watford were beatable and so were Huddersfield. Needed a minimum of 4 points. The Coventry and Southampton games were free hits as long as we picked up points in the winnable games. 8 points at this stage is too big an ask
  5. If anyone was on the fence about renewing their season ticket today has probably saved them a few hundred quid
  6. If we don't bring anyone in and he doesn't leave on loan I still think Gregory can do a job the last 20-25 if we need a goal. He's a far better option from the bench than Fletcher, Wilkes and probably Smith
  7. I totally get it's a short window, but there was an aborted window a few weeks ago. It's not like people didn't know season tickets were going to be imminent. I know people are skint after Christmas, but there's a 10 month option if you can't pay it up front
  8. Renewed mine on the North. The price of everything is going up, not just football. If you can't afford one or don't want to pay what you think is an unreasonable price fair enough. Organising a protest about it just makes you look like a spoilt twat though. Fortunately they still seem very much in the minority
  9. He's done well to match Blackburn and Leicester
  10. Free hit really like the Hull game. Would be happy with a point
  11. Just be thankful we're not paying his wages any more. Apart from his first 3 or 4 games last season contributed nothing
  12. Dawson found his level with Exeter. Him and Stockdale made a few mistakes last season that didnt affect us overall, the Championship highlights it a lot more. Unless Vasquez has been told he's going back in January he needs to start tomorrow
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