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8 minutes ago, Beaconowl said:

Anybody else having issues with Safari? My phone keeps taking me to the old site. I think I read that this may happen for a couple of days. Is that correct?


It’s happening to a few folk. Nowt to worry about it’ll settle down eventually. 

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8 minutes ago, OptimisticOwl said:

Signed up without a problem on my Mac, but on the mobile I can't find a way to sign in.

If I try to sign up again, it obviously says this username/email address is used by another user.

See the pics below on how to login on mobile.


pic 1 hit the 3 horizontal lines in the top left. 

pic 2 the boxes to sign in should appear.



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6 hours ago, Neville Facking Bartos said:

Happened to me, sorted it by signing up on my work laptop then using the phone to click the verify email link. Now taking me to the new site all the time

Like the new home by the way


Thanks Bartos, all good today on the phone 👍

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