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My Dad, lifelong Wednesday, Ken Hogg passed away in the early hours of Monday morning. Born into a family where “Wednesday were the only team talked about” he was taken to his first game in 1943 aged seven. It was the second leg of the Football League North Final v Blackpool. After a credible 2-2 draw at Bloomfield Road, Wednesday typically lost the home leg 2-1 in front of 47,657. The last game he was able to attend was the slightly less well attended Papa John’s defeat v Burton earlier this season. 

In his teens and early 20s he was a regular on the Kop and at many away games, and introduced the joy of following Wednesday to me during our early 70s decline, with him taking me to my first away games in the disastrous 74-75 season. He never lost the faith though, and consistently held a season ticket, mainly in the North Stand, and had spells of regular away attendance in the 80s and early 90s. Sitting beside him as we lifted our only major trophy of his lifetime in 1991 (he was born eight months after our last F.A. Cup success) is a wonderful memory.
His favourite player was Jackie Sewell (I really hope I got that right Dad), and of course he saw some greats - Dooley, Finney, Quixall, Megson, Springett, and of course those from our great 90s team that we’re all familiar with.
He loved lots of sports, and as a child he also took me to the speedway, cricket (at Bramall Lane incidentally) and snooker. Later on we also attended a few rugby league games together too.
Some of you might remember him from when I press-ganged him into selling Cheat for me outside the North Stand in the 90s.
He was a true gent and a proper Wednesdayite. RIP Dad.
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I remember that Blackpool game although I was only six and  I didn't go but I remember crying all the way home on the tram from my gran's.  Didn't see my first game for two years after that, just after the war and that was a charity match of some sort I think.  The only thing I remember about it was that Derek Goodfellow was in goal.

I wonder if Ken and I ever stood next to each other on the wall behind the Kop goal.

RIP Ken.


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RIP. Sorry for your loss. 

You will have some great memories of him and these will help you through.


Lost my Dad when he was taken away far too young. Still feels odd that he's not there at Hillsborough with me or to discuss the game with and he's been gone 30 years!


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Sorry to hear that news Cheat - having been thru this myself over the past couple of years it is a really difficult time for everyone 

the only advice is grieve the loss for sure but in time cherish the memories way more 

My Dad's ashes are scattered at Grenoside Crem and I pass close by when leaving the ground. I always shout him the score. He will have been confused by the mainly upbeat news 



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