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  1. Remember when it was Chansiri fault for Leeds charging us £47 or whatever and the group used as another reason to beat him with. Well Sunderland charged Leeds fans £30 this season and they got rewarded with a £47 charge also … Still Leeds did nothing wrong according to lots it was all DC fault.
  2. It’s up there with reading as one the crapist away days … yep I’ll be there early doors - never learn me!
  3. 1) currently Stalk is pushing the narrative that fan behaviour is a result of Chansiri game day management and not the negativity stirred up by recent protests 2) Fan forum of 5 years? DC sat with a host of fans post the sacking of DM this summer? Spent 4 hours talking it was followed up by some of his most ferment critics meeting him 2 week later.
  4. Just interested - you see when he said that I felt like we had the backing of a owner who wanted the best for the club. He’s had his mini breakdowns and some things he done have not sat right with me - but I anchor my perception that nobody goes out of their way to give their siblings something worse than when they took over. DC is clearly (MK and I will happily debate that statement over the next half decade no doubt) working in the long term after his short term success attempt failed.
  5. When D.C. took us over he told us all he wanted to give the club to his son. Can I ask how did that make you feel?
  6. So let me get this right .. DC the most accessible owner this club had probably ever. its not good enough because other clubs are “more genuine” about their sessions. You see the problem here is there are plenty clubs which have no dialogue - plenty of owners who do not care and yes plenty who do and plenty who need to still get it right! It’s just not a significant issue to warrant want an owner who continues to invest out!
  7. Lee wasn’t the owner he was the chairman. There been online panels with DC recently and he met people who openly disliked him within the last year. Any other owner offer to meet any fan?
  8. Cash flow impacts our owner - some of it out of his control. families allowances? Maybe construction business suffer due to Chinese recession and general world wide issue - very likely! DC wealthy but is he most wealthy owner in the world clearly not!
  9. It’s called a sunk cost! Club can have my money it’s already gets a significant proportion of my life! I am really am not chasing cash if my club goes bust indeed I’ll be putting MORE money into the bloody club!
  10. Wow bit of catch up that was!! So the sponsorship has been adequately debunked already. The player argument - let me take you back to the Westwood and Hutchinson situation of frozen in and out by differing managers? That alone should end all speculation that Chansiri controls the situation above and beyond the manager involved! I mean seriously just apply common sense when jumping on chairman for freezing out players! Not least Johnson!!! Munoz didn’t like Rohl brought back - common denominator same bloody chairman!!!! When you argument is he appointed a poor manager he should go !!!! I want to scream!! Pulis I hated but at the time I thought great appointment! It’s football nobody gets it right all the time! Communication with the fans is broken - compared to?? Jake you 36 .. tell me a time you could get a meeting with the owner by asking? An audience of over 4 hours? The club is doing more behind scenes than ever! as he got things wrong!! YES! Point deduction so frustrating but even then it was clear cut cock up was it - it was a sodding stupid admin error!
  11. If DC sold and it went badly these guys would blame D.C.! If D.C. sold and it went well these guys would take the credit and ignore D.C.
  12. Just an update Ricky fought to the very end when he was taking off life support. He’s only just passed away tonight it early as we all thought. Thats from his family.
  13. Yep he was there was in pub with him.
  14. It’s knocked me this news - known the lad for 30 plus years. Knew he’d had a an accident at weekend and knew it weren’t good but being told today of the news and am upset. He was no angel, he was a bloody nuisance but he was our nuisance. I’ve been speaking to mates all evening about him and we’re all rocked. I have 100’s of memories good bad and some just bloody hilarious! He’d of been in his element tomorrow night out on the streets. Many ways he lived for Wednesday. Lots are convinced he coined the WAWAW saying Not often you’d say this about Ricky but I were fortunate to bump into him Saturday ! Just a shame I’ll never see him again - he was a good if annoying mate to more than just me! RIP 🇯🇲🦉
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