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If I speak I will get in shit


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On 24/03/2023 at 19:41, Tank_Owl2,0 said:

So were there any crushes on Tuesday at t’ Oakwell, should we be considering asking the EFL and SAG to look at why 5k fans were allowed to congregate so close together - obviously the answer is no (unless there was something serious of course)Im sure you realise I am being tongue in cheek but for god sake that stand at Oakwell is hardly up there with state of the art (and I’m not having a go at the Dingles) but how can a club be ok to have 5k in a stand and I assume a large proportion were stood (they usually are, certainly when I’ve been there) but we are allowed 2 fans in the lower Leppings Lane. It can only be politically motivated 

No crush, but I can confirm my mates lad got his head glued up after a flying wheelie bin hit him.

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6 hours ago, Kiwi Owl said:

No doubt Craig Hope and Ian Herbert will put the blame on Wednesday if this goes all shaped

I assume the fans that allegedly were at Hillsborough will go and take their places here


I know it's not even that close but I read it as them trialling "safe hanging areas" and given the owners, it made sense!

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