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Wim Jonk adon at home match thread


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13 minutes ago, Beaconowl said:

For those of us who can’t get to games, these photos and videos on the new site are fantastic. Especially as you are posting them so soon after the final whistle  

Thanks for sharing 


There you go Beacon


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3pts move on.


I don’t understand playing NML as a striker he’s better facing the goal. I’d have started Berahino, the bloke is full of confidence but he’ll soon lose it if Moore dicks about with him. 

Both NML and Iorfa don’t look to be quite up to the pace of the games yet. Should have started Dunkley and have NML and Iorfa to come on late on.

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So that’s now 47pts at home. Surely we can turn Crewe over to make it 50, although I’d take any kind of win now we are getting to the business end. An early couple of goals and it could be an avalanche though. I’d be happy with 2 points from the Bolton and MK games. I think we can afford it. Obviously 4pts would be great. I’m thinking Bolton must be thinking they can’t make it now - too many other clubs ahead of them not to mention the points gap.

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2 minutes ago, Billysboy said:

Terrific win, can't underestimate the  importance of BPF's save at 1-1 as much a contribution as the Gregg's goal to the result.


Good shout, he didn’t have much to do and did really well when it looked like they definitely score given the numbers they had forward.

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