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Wim Jonk adon at home match thread


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After throwing it away at their place earlier in the season we know they've got it in them to fight back, and we have been known to be helpful when ending other teams losing runs.. but we're a different animal now so I'm saying 3-1. 

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On a serious note, they are a very good example of a football club that is active in the community.  As an example, their Dons Local Action Group does food collections every weekend outside the supermarkets near me.

Despite that, they are just about the most out of form side in all four divisions, so we really need an efficient, ruthless performance.  Harder games coming up.

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Unless there’s drastic changes, we should have enough to win comfortably, even if they pack the defence.

This and Crewe are the games to improve our goal difference: only three behind Oxford. 

2-0 if they take the same approach as Accrington.

5-0 if they play like Cambridge.

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Some bits from the gaffer pre game.

DM: Saido has come back fine, straight back into training and is fine. He had 90 minutes of game time, come back unscathed and has trained

DM: Lewis Gibson is back now, back on the pitch and we're just making sure with him. He's back on the pitch and progressing, if everything goes well then he will join back up with the team. I would say at least a couple of weeks before we can consider him

DM: Shodipo will be named in the squad tomorrow, he has progressed really well. He has trained well this week

DM: Palms is fine, he is back training and looking strong. I am hoping he joins back up with us after the weekend

DM: The highlight for me last week; we went a goal down from a deflected effort and the energy from the crowd that we got.. I was really pleased and left the stadium delighted with that response from the fans. They had a real energy, we felt it and I want to thank them

DM: Wimbledon will be difficult opponents. There is a new manager in, new voice, new ideas, players come in, training changes.. you get a natural reaction. That's why it's important that we have worked hard this week on focus and detail

DM: We want to keep moving forward, everyone has their part to play and that's all we are focused on at the moment. There is a good atmosphere here, a unity but we have to work and get on with the job at hand

DM: I was really disappointed (with the reverse fixture v Wimbledon). What should have been a convincing win turned into a point. We switched off and allowed them back into the game. We have to make sure we apply ourselves and are 100% in all departments tomorrow

DM: There has definitely been a progression with us this season and even now, there are things we need to be better at, things we can be better at and that's what we have been working on

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On 3/31/2022 at 7:45 AM, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

Last week was another stepping stone that we conceded early but turned it round. Good for the players but also for us the fans 

The 'from behind' wins have been 2-1, 3-1 and 4-1, in that order. I look forward to a 5-1 victory at some point before the end of the season 🙂

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2 hours ago, Walkley said:

He's said he's in the squad so that to me says he's in the 16.....

It could mean he’s in the squad that he’s going to pick the side/subs from.

I would agree that he’s not shown enough to warrant going straight back in.

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For anyone who reads the OS previews. 


Do they normally show last 5 fixtures in the previous meetings bit? 

Probably just me being cantankerous but wouldn't have minded if we'd used the games between the clubs before the MK bollocks occurred to fill it out 

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18 minutes ago, Reesh said:

Pleasing to see he's not making changes for the sake of it. 

Not sure how Shodipo warrants inclusion mind. 

Possibly because there's no one else can fill the left wing back spot if Johnson gets injured, unless he changes shape or asks NML to drop back. 

It's Kamberi that misses out so maybe no big deal on Shodipo's inclusion in that sense

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