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Oxford, It's going to be a Good Friday and we're going to comma way with all 3 points match thread


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As I'm on a one game unbeaten run, I'll start the next match thread



Abbas Khan and Ryan Whitaker
Fourth Official : David Harrison

Rebecca has refereed 7 games so far in League 1 this season dishing out 24 🟨 and 0 🟥 - looks like a no nonsense type (all comps this season 17/54/0)



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For those not wanting to watch DM's press. Here's some quotes from SWFC twitter.

DM "The two who are back in training are Pato and Icky. "We're just giving them volume in training and we'll monitor them."

DM "In terms of the goalkeeping situation, you can split hairs between them. We have two excellent number ones."

DM "In terms of where we are, we're happy with the position we hold and we aim to continue building on that. "We have to give the best account of ourselves tomorrow."

DM "Oxford are a solid club with good players, they've lost a bit of form but Liam going in there is a solid choice, and he'll be putting his ideas into the team to get them out of the position they're in. "We have to stay focused and build on what we've done so far."

DM "This week has given us chance to get back to basics and give the players the recovery time they need. "You can trigger more energy on the training ground when we have a gap between games like this."

DM "Getting another body back in Pato, with his versatility, will be a welcome addition back into the team. "He can get a goal and he's chomping at the bit to be back in with the main group." #swfc

DM "We're in a competitive league, and things on paper don't always go for you, but we always maintain our focus and look to improve. "We always look forward and right now that focus is with our game tomorrow."

DM "It's really good to have Icky back. "To have a player with his ilk and experience back at this stage of the season is great for us."

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Since 2015 we are 1 - 1 - 2 vs OU.


We drew 0 - 0 back in December last year when I think we all felt like going into the match we'd win... 


I'm pretty sure none of us know what to expect today so...


I hope Dawson is back in good graces with DM and we pick up a 2 nil win! 




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3 minutes ago, Chelters said:

Lots of moaning on Twitter but I don’t mind that team tbh. Iorfa needed dropping and I would have gone for Gregory and Wilks up front even if Smith was available. 

Agree re Iorfa, he's looked totally devoid of any confidence lately.

I like Smith but personally feel they are too alike & can't play together - purely down to how we play, be good to use Wilks pace today to get in & behind the Oxford defence.


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3 minutes ago, holmesfield_owl said:

Has he rested Smith then, no mention of injury yesterday and not on bench

Yeah. With all the rumours about us nursing him through the last few games, it suggests today he’s just been left out to get a rest with Wilks now being fit

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Ipswich winning a well now. 

Greedy cnut scored. 

Palmer is going to cost us here. 

Playing crap and wanting to push and shove everybody. 

Flint has a chance of getting caught out because he is covering over for Palmer. 


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Given we're the away side, its job done so far

A goal up and bar one set piece early on, Stockdale could have got away with reading a newspaper on a deck chair that half. The home side have done absolutely nothing

I'm sure they won't be as bad second half 


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1 minute ago, HoylandOwl said:

Bannan criticised him for diving in I think, and potentially not getting back quick enough. 

There's nothing wrong with it for me. Nothing at all. 

Palmer was out of position Tee, Famewo then had to come over from LCB to make the foul.

That right hand side is our weak link today at the moment.

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2 minutes ago, owl4ever1867 said:

I'd pull Vaulks at HT & stick Dele Bashiru on, he's been a very lucky boy not to be given 2 yellows tbh.

Palmer pushing up the pitch far too much, problem is Adeniran keeps getting pulled into the middle of the park.

Superb goal by BB, 

I think whether to do that change or not is a massive decision.

Really undecided myself. Dele-Bashiru for Vaulks weakens us, but not as much as going down to ten men would.


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