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The World Cup thread….


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42 minutes ago, owl71 said:

Looks like the Ecuador players being bribed story was fake news.  Well unless the players that were bribed were all on the bench…or they actually were trying to lose, but Qatar were so shit they failed.

If they were bribed it was easy money for them it was like premier league against league 2, when he took the penalty he hit it so softly into the corner my 4 yr old daughter could’ve saved it. Just a poor match.

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8 minutes ago, Reesh said:

Imagine being too fucking thick to not pick Phil Foden I really really fucking hate that **** of a 'manager'

Another reason why my TV will be switched off.


Makes me really sad, especially when I think how I used to follow England and how I couldnt give a fuck about this World Cup now

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34 minutes ago, EastCraigsOwl said:

Picture the scene...

Ref blows the whistle. England take the knee. Meanwhile, Iran play through and score immediately.

Scoreboard says:

I ran 1

I knelt 0

Again. This thread is should be like the last 6 world cups Scot free.

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