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Traaaaactor Boys Match Fred...


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Well, I've spent most of the day waiting for @Germanbird to unleash her special match fred, but because she hasn't... I'll start one!

Wednesday's Match Preview

Ipswich's Gaffer's thoughts on the game includes: "I expect a very good and tough game against a really strong side"

As Reesh highlighted, the referee for the game is Peter Wright who has overseen 2 wins for us in his last two times officiating our games, and his last 2 Ipswich games has seen them lose.


Reece James Pre game



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Can't see us being as attacking in our line up tomorrow and Mighten will probably drop out for Marv with James going in the back 3 and Palmer at RWB. I wouldn't make changes for the sake of it in the defensive positions mind.

Could perhaps see Gregory not start with Windass up top alongside Smith, FDB or Vaulks to step in.

This is an acid test against, one of if not the biggest, challengers for the title and promotion. 

McKenna has done a very good job since taking over and they press high up the pitch, lack of goals cost em in the run in but they've remedied that and are still solid at the back. 

A win would bring them within a point of us.



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I think if Ipswich press high, I can see us making a few panicky long balls. Hopefully, we can be a bit more measured. Either way, we need someone up top to hold the ball up: Smith and Gregory. Some pace wouldn’t go amiss to exploit the space if they advance too high. And I think FDB bursting through the middle would get them worried. Can’t have them all, so difficult choices for Moore to make.

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They have some decent players, Chaplin, Morsy, Burns, Harness and Walton spring to mind.

Their fans are buzzing and it is showing in their gates at home and on the road, their forum is confident, we need to put the Barnsley result and performance to bed and show our own credentials.

The top 4 play each other which gives the chasing bunch a chance to cut the gap down.


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Tomorrow is the marker.

Not only do they press very high, but they dominate games, they average 70% possession this season. So they win it back and they keep it. These are a very very good side.

Team wise, Bannan, Windows, Byers and Smith have to play. Given the impact they had when they came on, FDB and Johnson need to play.

My team tomorrow is…


Iorfa, Ihiekwe, McGuinness

Palmer, Byers, Bannan, FDB, Johnson

Windass, Smith

If we take a bit of a beating. It won’t be pleasant for Moore post game.

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Agree with a lot of the views, an acid test of not only these players but Moore's tactical merit. 

Barnsley certainly showed a method of stopping us, but it was also a collective all round poor performance that enabled it as well.

We generally performed better against the better sides last year, almost like the players were more up for it. 

Midfield is the key battleground, but Smith has to play for me just to give us that extra dynamic and option of bypassing it.

Be a good game hopefully

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3 minutes ago, Supercockle said:

One of the best we’ve seen. We had the pleasure to see some great players in the early 90s. I remember thinking when we qualified for Europe that this would be what it would be like for years to come. How naïve I was. 

Mardy **** off the pitch though and fuck me did we saddle him with some shite partners

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2 minutes ago, Supercockle said:

I bet whatever Peter Atherton is doing now, he’s still pointing off into the distance and blaming someone else. 

Julian Watts and Simon Coleman were next level shit 

Have I ever mentioned my hatred for Atherton


Oh add Jon Newsome to the shit partners list

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12 hours ago, owl4ever1867 said:

Not an easy game, Ipswich full of confidence at the moment.

Course I want us to win but at the same time I'd take a point against a team who are top of the league.

Heart says 2-1 win, head says 1-1 draw.

I really want us to win of course, but I agree that a draw would not be a disaster today.

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