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Its Make(m) or Break time for the season

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2 hours ago, HoylandOwl said:

Anyone heading down from the north - just been sent this on twitter.


anyone travelling south on the M1 J37 accident with motorway shut in both directions, check before you leave

Well that’s payed Sunderland back for the 4 hour traffic jam I sat in when we played them before New Year.  🤨

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16 minutes ago, Andyben said:

I'd have liked Adeniran or Fizz in the bench as anything happens to the three MFs and it Pato coming on 

I find it strange FDB didn't keep his bench place after the impact his cameo had on Friday. If we end up throwing Kamberi on for a goal then the fat lady is warming her tonsils 

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Midfield has not been anywhere near good enough.

But this ref has let the opposition do just as they please, which has stifled the crowd to just boing him instead of backing the team.

The ref has done sunderlands job for them.

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This official is fucking garbage, that was a penalty on Windass, their player made no attempt to the ball, all Sunderland have to do us fall down & it's a foul, how they've only got 1 yellow baffles me.

Still 45 minutes to go, shooting towards the kop.



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3 minutes ago, Skamp said:

Fuck all to do with the ref. Wake up. 


Unfortunately over 2 games they were the better side. What really hacks me off is I don't think they really are. 

One MAJOR thing that needs to change is we simply have to get some pace into that side. We were making Clarke look like Ronaldo 

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