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Hoe for a win


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36 minutes ago, Teddy Nickelarse said:

Me too followed by another on Sunday. After that, no more midweek games until after the November International  break so time for Danny and the coaches to get down to some quality work including extra fitness work.

International Break you say.

@Owling_Wolf  This ok with you?

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2 minutes ago, Boracic Lint said:

They always write them the same way R-L in rows. Have done for ages now.

Musaba is before Buckley so it'll be

          Byers Bannan

Musaba Buckley Windass


Who's this boring ****?

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24 minutes ago, HoylandOwl said:

This is much better. The high press is forcing them into SO many mistakes. 

Tbh Tee it is better, but we have zero quality in the forward areas. At the same time there is a mistake always waiting in that defence and a quick move bypasses our midfield 

I mean we are competitive but the inherent weakness in those key areas makes this task virtually impossible to retrieve.

And the psychological impact of constant losses can not be underestimated

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Can’t believe that!

We played some good possession football and did a lot of things right that first half, but my god do we look toothless (and at times clueless) in attack. 

To then throw that good work away conceding two totally needless goals, well, I don’t know what to say!

Plymouth were there for the taking and thanks to two moments of madness we’ve now chucked the game away!

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Just now, HoylandOwl said:

This is so Wednesday isn't it. 35 mins. Best team by FAR. 

Then bosh. A very good goal, then a stupid one.

But you have to take the chances when they come because the opposition will. Its almost like watching us sometimes last season with the boot on the other foot. 

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