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  1. I think he was just going with the narrative that ITV were setting rather than giving his actual view. I would have much rather have heard whether or not he’d be targeting TAA if his team was playing against England.
  2. They’re going to really struggle now.
  3. Assuming all goes through that’s RB looking very strong.
  4. Didn’t DC say something last year along the lines of he’d reduce prices if there were 30k sales? That nothing happened after he said that defeats the argument of if prices were lower we’d fill the stadium.
  5. The Nixon “story” is a throwaway line about us signing Beadle in a story about Ipswich being after a different keeper from Brighton. As far as we’re concerned, it’s nothing new.
  6. I think if you sign up to be a member they let you hug their magic money tree.
  7. I assumed his days were numbered once Steve Cooper became available.
  8. Don’t disagree there. He’s had one good season out of three now, a stat that proves he has the ability to play at that level, but one that also suggests it’d be best for all parties if he were to move on.
  9. Grealish, Maguire, Branthwaite, Quansah and Trafford rumoured as cut.
  10. England have to change their style too much to get the best out of Watkins. He reminds me of Vardy in that regard, club set up to play his style, but country has better options.
  11. Alonso said no, Nagelsmann said no, Rangnick said no, Flick said no, Tuchel said no, ten Hag apparently said no and I could be forgetting someone too. Basically, they were a couple of rejections away from offering it to Colin.
  12. Opportunity for Yamal to prove early in his career that he can do it on a cold night in Stoke. They probably have some players who are more appropriate for our level too.
  13. Fabrizio Romano now reporting that Rooney to Plymouth is done. I wonder if they’re appointing him because he saved them from relegation last season?
  14. It could be the first line in a link between La Masia and Hillsborough.
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