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23-24 non-Wednesday football tonight / when SKY, TNT (BT), Amazon dictates.

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Premier League football was summed up perfectly at Old Trafford on Saturday.

Brighton scored to go 3-0 up. Their players celebrated in front of the home end at the side opposite the TV cameras.

One somewhat tubby chap rose from his seat and started shouting potential rude words in their direction. Meanwhile, about 3 seats along, another 'fan' (presumably a tourist?) grabbed his phone and took a picture of the Brighton team 😮

I've been to, for example, Ajax. Trust me, had they gone 3-0 down at home to their opponents, the last thing I'd be looking to do would be to take a photo.

Very strange.

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Spurs look a very good side. That midfield two of Sarr and Bissouma are wrecking machines and so quick and athletic.

Perhaps Kane going was the best for each player. Kane has gone to a top European side where he’s scoring goals for fun and he’s guaranteed silverware, and Spurs get to reset a bit and have a new way of playing that works.

Arsenal and Spurs are fairly big certs for the top 4 alongside City. It’s which other team joins them (likely Liverpool at the minute).

I had multi screen on, and I was also watching the Brighton and Liverpool games. West Ham could have very easily got something from the game. Brighton were a little fortunate.

In other news, Chelsea look a right mess.

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38 minutes ago, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

Can always spot the South Sheffielders on here 

Because we understand that it's winning that's important, no matter what.

Unlike the south Barnsley lads who try too hard to prove they're actually from Sheffield and act far too partisnal 

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