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The impish hoyland derby match thread

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Right, I’m on it this week.

Sorry Terry, but your team is going to roll over and allow Wednesday to get back to winning ways and be top of this fucking awful league come Sunday night  

2-0 to Wednesday.  Gregory and Smith with both assisting the other.

Ipswich to lose at Derby and Plymouth to lose at Bolton and Norwich to do the business as well for double measures all round  



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  • HoylandOwl changed the title to The impish hoyland derby match thread

Its not looking too good in regards to getting players back and filling those gaps.

Will be interesting to see the selection this weekend, i do hope he's learned from the ineffectiveness of some of the players he gave run outs to the last few games

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14 minutes ago, HoylandOwl said:

Iorfa passed fit. Jack Hunt has a muscular injury and will be out for a few weeks

Is the muscular injury a cover to him from being dropped? Hunt has decreased dramatically this season

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Officials this weekend:

Assistants: Thomas Harty and Darren Williams
Fourth Official : Oliver Bickle

Last time he reffed us: Our 1-0 home win over Charlton back in August. 

Last time he reffed our opponents: 2-0 Loss at Shrewsbury. 

His record card wise this season: 25 games reffed, 71 yellow cards, 4 red cards. 


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2 hours ago, HoylandOwl said:

They’re not my team mate! I’m a mere former employee!

As much as I absolutely loved my time there, and made some fantastic friends and acquaintances… my first football love will always be my first football love!


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Just now, Neville Facking Bartos said:












Other option is Bannan and Vaulks with Wilks in the hole 


Iorfa surely ruled out after Wednesday


Silver lining of the poor recent run is Gregory finding form

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6 minutes ago, Neville Facking Bartos said:

Not for me, looked poor there and in midfield 

Where n when has he (recently) looked poor at rwb?  He's looked anything but there. 

Not arguing with your "in midfield" recently.  

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