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NON Wednesday transfer thread 22/23


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Cardiff have just switched kit brand to New Balance, after the Adidas deal came to an end. By pure coincidence Bale's own deal with Adidas ended last year so he's commercially available to a new brand sponsorship. 

If Bale signs for Cardiff he'll only play about 5 games as they won't want to be seen as the club that crocks Bale before the world cup 

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10 minutes ago, Silverlining said:

Lucas Joao has reportedly had a bid of around £3m made for him by Besiktas, and Watford are also sniffing around - anyone any idea what the sell-on fee we're due for him would be?

Surely we won’t be due owt will we?

That’s less than we got for him, can’t imagine a deal other than for a cut of any profit.

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31 minutes ago, cheat said:


Nice bit of negotiating there if true.

Won’t be a fortune, but every little helps.

Other thing is the £3m won't make much of a dint in their FFP issue either

£600k is a fortune in this league btw

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23 hours ago, HoylandOwl said:

Joe Wildsmith to Derby if this is to be believed…

Good move for him, and good luck too. I did genuinely expect that he had to drop a league to get a club. Big season for him next season and he needs a good one to almost save his career.

If he goes to someone and has a similar impact to what Dawson did at Exeter, he’ll be sorted. 

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5 hours ago, HoylandOwl said:

£120k a week to be a reserve striker. 


37 minutes ago, Otto_Man said:

I'd have thought he'd have been worth more than £50m to Everton, that's basically what they paid for him. Are they being forced to sell because of their FFP issues?

They dropped £370m over 3 years and Lampard can't spend until they sell. They're also trying to get business done early before the PL goes all FFP on them.

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