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Players who've scored against 'themselves'

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Last week, 

Will Sutton scored for Oldham against Sutton last week and it got me thinking.

Has that even happened before?


Did Dwight Yorke score against York, for example? did James Chester score against Chester?


And did Stephan Kuntz score against the Blades?

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1 hour ago, Sheffieldblue said:

Wednesday Adams got a late penalty in the pre season friendly, Wednesday v the Adams family

There is actually a supporter called Wednesday Adams


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21 minutes ago, Beaconowl said:

What about either of the Charlton Brothers? 🤔

What about ‘em?😉


22 hours ago, M42Owl said:

Bobby Charlton v Charlton Athletic. Definitely.


Possibly Mike England v England.


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On 04/04/2022 at 13:18, MPB said:

Did Robin Friday score on a Friday?

Scored many times during the week instead of training.Super Furry Animals sang "The man who don't Give a fuck" about him.

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