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Derby administration

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You need to be a financial/accounting genius to understand boardroom chatter nowadays and fortunately we have a few on here.. Thankfully they can make this more understandable to oiks like me.

In my early days supporting Wednesday, nobody queried why Wednesday were top of the list in buying players when there was a maximum wage therefore creating a level playing field. We even broke the then world record transfer fee when we bought Jackie Sewell.

Clubs accounts were ,lets say, very vague. You had a good idea who the dodgy clubs were. You would assume other clubs had spies in other clubs camp. A certain club, t'other side o't Pennines, seemed to gazump us on occasions offering better terms to the likes of Dennis Law and Harry Gregg when they were en route to sign for us. 

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6 hours ago, Kingys Ginger Mullet said:

Aren't his SportsDirect headquarters and main warehouse depots in Shirebrook, Derbyshire also?

Despite being an immoral snidey see you next tuesday you can't fault his business sense.

Think it is where his base is yeah.

It has to be said, that the EFL are letting Derby use all of their nine lives, with all this time they’ve given them

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1 hour ago, Reesh said:

He's not taking over.


David Clowes, net worth 250m is the preferred bidder.


Now keep your weird conspiracy theories going MPB

😁 you're always angry aren't you!!

What's up 8Ace, you hangin?

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Rooney obviously didn’t like the sound of the new owners did he?!

Was always going to be a different dynamic this season and harder than the last where it was a free hit. A huge blow to Derby though even Curtis Davies sounded like he didn’t fancy it 

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