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it's no Sjoke, we need at win at the Potteries


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6 minutes ago, Andyben said:

Can't see us losing till Southampton away in mud Jan.

Booked hotel for play off final 

We are 5 points nearer 6th spot than after Birmingham game!!!

In any case HMS The Great Escape is making good progress in choppy waters

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1 minute ago, Bellsview said:

He gets plenty of criticism but how important did Dawson’s penalty save turn out to be! He’s more than contributed to the 3 points today.

Good save and Bannan following it in was equally important, bad penalty though and David Coote is a ****

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The other thing worth noting is that’s the third game on the trot where the players have had enough in the tank to score late on.

That simply would not have happened earlier in the season, when they looked knackered after an hour or so.

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We rarely get anything from Stoke and even more so at Norwich. So, if we get a point there, its a bonus.

As mentioned before, wins at home to QPR and Cardiff would be a huge boost to our position before the Jan window even if we are still going to be adrift of safety. It will give potential incoming signings a feeling that we could do it.


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9 minutes ago, Skamp said:

Of course. And that equates to 3 points all by playing until the final whistle.   They make a huge difference at the end of the season. 

6 surely? The point we earned v leicester, the 2 extra points we confirmed v Blackburn, and the 3 we earned today?

… I may have read this wrong 😂 I’ve had a few. Either way Danny Rohl is the fucking man, scoring late goals is always a sign of a team with belief. Can’t wait for the next two transfer windows. 

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11 minutes ago, Snap said:

Mal says he is a regular at the sty so how is that allowed to happen. Surely he should be declaring that shouldn't he? His bias was obvious, gave them a sneaky penalty so he could have a laugh at our expense with his mate the cxxt.


Haaang owwn

Haaang owwn

I didn't say regular, I said he'd been a fair few times, that didn't mean all in 1 season. 

There's a lot of years to have a go at. 

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21 minutes ago, Snap said:

FFS Mal, I've reported him to the Referees Association, The PL and The EFL and told them to contact Mal on Owlsonline for further info.😂

No problem with that. 

I'm already onto a mate straight away for his phone locations for the last 30 years

Unfortunately he only has one of these...


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